Clarifying the Market for Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

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  • Challenged with your Antivirus (renamed to EPP-Endpoint Protection Platforms)? 
  • Confused about useful Endpoint Detection & Response vs Managed Detection & Response? 
  • Wondering about Machine Learning and Analytics? 
  • Trying to figure out the vast range in cost per endpoint?
  • Looking for a better understanding of Threat Hunting tools?

 Endpoints are the top attack vector for hackers— from Ransomware to Phishing Attacks to advanced penetration testing techniques.   As part of your Risk Management Program, it is important to take a closer look at the pros and cons of various solutions. 

Tune into this Binary Defense webinar on the core functionality of Endpoint Detection and Response, the challenges faced with any technique, and the critical importance of building Attack Intelligence into your defensive tools. 

We’ve had several folks in the security community ask that Dave Kennedy spend some time discussing how to stop Dave Kennedy on advanced penetration tests and emerging hacking techniques.  

If you would like an understanding these issues and the determination to create a superior platform that is Binary Defense Vision, this webinar is for you!

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