What’s In ‘Abnormal Behavior Detection In The Enterprise‘? 

Attackers are continuously changing their tactics when it comes to the methods they use to disguise their techniques. It’s becoming increasingly harder to find these attacks, and the standard detection on signatures and large copious amounts of data is no longer adequate for prevention and detection. Abnormal patterns are based on techniques that attackers use in order to compromise an organization and perform post exploitation scenarios.

This paper covers a different way of thinking about defense, and baselining your organization from a known-good strategy. As the perimeter continues to shrink, cloud infrastructure, and the mobile workforce of today – it’s never been more important to identify abnormal patterns within multiple layers.


About Dave Kennedy

Dave started Binary Defense with the vision in working with companies for information security. Binary Defense is a global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and software security company which detects attackers in the early stages and prevents large-scale attacks.